Per May 5, 2014, the Dutch Civil Aviation Authority, IVW, restricted the publication of data from the Dutch Civil Aircraft Register. Due to privacy regulations, no longer aircraft owner data is published.

Herman Dekker presents on his website
an excellent overview of all changes in the Dutch Civil Aircraft Registers from the 1920s on. But with the new regulations and data deliveries, he made the (understandable) decision to stop his overview per May 2014
. The data here presented can more or less be seen as an addition to to data presented by Herman. It gives the Dutch Civil Aircraft Register per early May 2014, with all changes since then. Changes and additions to the register are in general given without ownership data, unless secondary sources give additions.

The complete aircraft register of the Netherlands per early May 2014, and changes in the register since then, can be found here. The here given register does not contain UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), although UAVs for commercial use also receive PH-markings.

data format:

registration mark/type (preferably according to aircraft type certificate)/construction number
remarks on manufacturer (in case manufacturer is not expressed in aircraft type)
first day of registration (format: ddmmyy)/number of Certificate of Registration (CoR) (if known, these are not published anymore since November 2017) /previous registrations (going back in time from left to right)
listing of mutations, starting with owner on May 1, 2014. Date formats: ddmmyy.
all data within [ ] is NON-OFFICIAL. Secondary sources are not mentioned here, but administrated in my offline records.
Painted-on names or additional markings (other than advertisements) are mentioned in the last line of the record.


Arno Landewers, Bleiswijk, Netherlands, September 2014/February 2018